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While we look forward to seeing you each Saturday at Jordan Crossing, we realize that life doesn't allow for you to make it every weekend. Which is why we have sermons, Bible studies, and other resources available online. You can listen to sermons at your own convenience, sign up for a weekly email devotional,

explore the Bible with our study guides, and connect with others in prayer. 


If you can't find what you're looking for or have any other questions, we'd be happy to talk to you when you contact us

Missed a past week's message? Listen online! 


Our archive of online sermons is available for you to browse and listen to at your convenience. While most messages are given by the pastor, we also have several guest speakers each year. Feel free to explore past sermons, just select an option under the RESOURCES menu option!

Accessible devotions at your fingertips


Don't let your spirituality remain only in the church. We send out email devotionals to help you foster a personal relationship with God. We'd love to add you to our email list. Simply sign up today.


Making the word relevant


Jordan Crossing is a devotedly Bible-based church. So it only makes sense that we delve into God's word each week. Here you will find Bible study resources to guide you in learning from the scriptures. 


We'd love to study with you during our weekly study group. To find out more, go to our when we meet tab. If you have a Bible question you'd like help with, please message us through our contact us page. 

The power of prayer


Luckily for us, we don't have to worry about going over our minutes or having good reception when calling on God. He is available 24-7, for free and longs to hear your prayers. 


Our church family knows the importance of praying for one another. If you have a prayer request or want to share a praise, please submit it on our prayer request page. 


Looking for more?

Visit any of the online resources to help you grow your faith anytime, anywhere. From streaming sermons to reading devotionals, you can be sure to find something to nourish your spirit. You can watch or listen to inspiring stories and testimonies that will remind you of the power of Jesus and His love. Take advantage of these resources and start growing your spiritual life today!

Staying actively involved


Part of Jordan Crossing's vision is to stay actively involved in the community. From passing out water bottles for RAGBRAI bike riders to hosting evangelistic series to raking a neighbor's leaves, Jordan Crossing is a church you can actively be a part of. 


Don't miss out on any exciting events! Plan ahead of time by looking at our calendar to keep up to date on church events.

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